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Your Complete Packing Solution From Design to Delivery

Marvinpac is the one-stop shop for all your
Assembly & Packaging needs

Take the lead over your competition

Shrink your lead times

Streamline your logistics

Proven Efficiency and Innovative solutions across business sectors


Drinks to power your day.


Beauty from the outside in.


Savour every drop, live every moment.

Packaging for beauty products

Hygiene standards keeping you up at night? Worry no more! Marvinpac has clean rooms of the highest standard. Each of our packaging solutions is crafted to suit your needs, for products that are beautiful from the outside in.

High-quality and customer-centric


F&B Premium packaging

Running out of ideas to package your coffee and tea products? Marvinpac has you covered! We offer the very best in new packages, unique colours, and exclusive combinations of accessories to wow even your most exclusive customers.

Reduced-Risk Products

New and trendy offerings like heated tobacco products and liquid alternatives have fast joined the ranks of reduced-risk products. These require the absolute highest standards for packaging and Marvinpac has just the right expertise.

Tailor-made Solutions for your Needs

Take the Lead in the Market


Robust data is key to disrupting the market. We perform market trend and competition analyses to back our creative teams. 


Our team of experts helps bring your vision to life, working closely with you to create the perfect design for your brand and product.


We are always looking to push the envelope on innovation. We get feedback, adapt, and find out what works for your market.

One-stop shop

Worried about sourcing all your materials? Let us take care of it for you.


We offer mock-ups, prototypes and complimentary accessories for your product, to make your drawing board visions a reality.

Quality control

We make sure everything is to your satisfaction and at the highest level of quality before we move to mass production.


Once all your needs are met, we handle production and take care of logistics worldwide for you.

Quality Certifications

Bring your Solution to Life

Shorten your Lead times

Tighten your timelines


We implement well-organized and precise timelines for the delivery of our solutions.

Fast-track your product


We chart out a step-by-step plan to ensure your product hits the shelves at the right time.

Single-point contact


With our single-point contact, you will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Say goodbye to Logistics Hassles

Your Logistics are in Good Hands


From assigning country barcodes to taking your package through customs, we have the know-how and experience to ensure smooth sailing, every step of the way.


Whether you want your solution delivered to the store or warehouse, we can make it happen, no questions asked.


We make sure your products get where they have to at the right time, in the best condition and ready to go.


We study short supply solutions to speed-up lead times while reducing carbon emissions.

Makes it All Happen

Since its founding in 1999, Marvinpac has always striven for excellence. With the opening of our Czech facility in 2010, we combined the best of Swiss excellence with Czech innovation. Marvinpac has pioneered the highest level of innovation and kept up with the latest industry standards to deliver the best in customer experience.

Marvinpac Group has two main branches: Marvinpac Pack & Assembly, and MS Beautilab, which operates in the beauty care sector and is the preferred choice for brands looking to develop innovative make-up and skincare products.

Innovative Solutions to Boost your


Our Vision

Marvinpac is the preferred choice of premium international hot beverage and beauty brands looking for sustainable packaging and assembly solutions as well as branded accessories for their products. We create unique selling points for our partner brands by delivering the best user experience across all distribution channels.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Marvinpac has clean rooms that comply with the standard, so you no longer have to worry about your product not meeting those fussy standards! All our personnel are trained and specially equipped to maintain the highest level of hygiene, whether they are handling foodstuffs, cosmetics or sensitive products.

Assembly & Packaging Capabilities

Automated pack and assembly

Thanks to our industrial equipment and our expertise in building tailored automated production lines, we help streamline your activities and mass produce efficiently.

Manual pack and assembly

We make sure each package looks just the way you want it to, even if this means calling upon our manual assembly teams.

Sampling solutions

We offer sampling solutions as per your requirements to provide the best experience in product testing to your customers.

Primary filling

We take your base product and fill it into its primary package, such as loose tea into sachets.

Product transfer
Product outsourcing

As your brand grows bigger, you have more things to deal with. Once we have all your product requirements in place, you can leave production to us so you can focus on building your brand.

Premium packaging

We offer gift set and packaging solutions for coffee and tea, tableware, beauty products, reduced-risk products and other finished goods so you can make a statement.

Finished Goods

If you already have all the pieces of the puzzle,
Marvinpac helps you to put it together.

Gift sets

Gifts sets are a great way to boost sales. Combine existing products in a premium package and add revenue.


Handing customers a free gift with their purchases is guaranteed to build loyalty and make sure they come back for more.

Premium samples

Give your customers a taste of your premium product, so they can test it before purchase.

Advent calendars

An advent calendar is the perfect way to help your customers discover something new about your product line every day and reinforce brand awareness.

Glass, stainless steel and injected products

Make your product unique by adding to it a cup, bowl, or glass.

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