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Premium accessories industry: writing instruments, watches and leather goods

Leather goods, jewellery, watches, glassware, electronic devices… there are exceptional products for which the container counts as much as the content. This is particularly true of high-end products sold in eye-catching presentation cases which enhance their appeal and trigger the act of purchasing.

To magnify your products, Marvinpac can design, develop and assemble tailor-made packaging which combines aesthetic and functional qualities, using the latest print processes and a wide selection of paper to meet your specifications. In our design studio we determine the graphic and volumetric features of your personalized, premium rigid cases and orchestrate their production to ensure that your clients receive the very best. The presentation case thus becomes an “object” in its own right, adding appeal to your products, which for their part we assemble and place with the utmost care in their new container.

Marvinpac relies on up-to-the-minute equipment and can offer a wide range of assembled case formats, allowing your products to be packed on a single site in the Czech Republic. This geographical proximity gives you the assurance of optimal response times.


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