At the service of brands

Established in 1999, Marvinpac is a leading player in contract packing (co-packing) in Europe on the markets of foodstuffs and confectionery, cosmetics and beauty care, hospitality and premium accessories: watches, leather goods, writing instruments, etc. On all these markets, we work on a day-to-day basis with businesses whose brands are their most valuable asset, embellishing their products and enriching their brand concepts.

Excellence above all else

Driven by values of rigour, integrity and open-mindedness, Marvinpac combines the excellence of “Swiss Made” expertise with a cutting-edge industrial capacity to ensure compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards on the market.

A comprehensive à la carte offer

We offer our clients a range of contract packing solutions for specific or high-volume projects involving the production of premium rigid containers capable of enhancing high-end products, as well as an integral, all-inclusive offer to design brand accessories. From the drawing board to delivery. 

All necessary technical facilities

To offer its clients the best and meet their requirements in full, Marvinpac relies on:

  1. an integrated design studio for the design of packaging and production of prototypes,
  2. purchasing offices in Europe and China able to select the best suppliers and the right raw materials,
  3. a production engineering department to develop automated solutions or adapt our equipment as closely as possible to your specifications (productivity, high throughput, cost reduction, etc.),
  4. two certified production sites in Switzerland and the Czech Republic to pack and assemble your products, whatever form they take,
  5. modern manufacturing lines (Emmeci) and the highest standards for production and assembly of your premium rigid containers,
  6. secure stocks monitored by high-performance IT systems - VMI, ERP and WMS - to guarantee optimal productivity and full traceability of your products.

The best quality

Marvinpac has clean rooms that comply with the “medium hygiene” standard, as well as areas reserved for foodstuffs, cosmetics or sensitive products. All its personnel are trained and specially equipped to maintain a high level of hygiene. Our development and production processes are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 22716, OHSAS 18001.

Marvinpac in figures

  1. 20 million products packed each year
  2. 230 employees
  3. 2 production centres: Châtel-Saint-Denis (CH) and Říčany (CZ)
  4. 1 purchasing office in China

Marvinpac in dates

  1. 1999 creation of Marvinpac
  2. 2008 opening of a purchasing office in Shenzhen (China)
  3. 2010 creation of a new production centre in the Czech Republic – 13,000 square metres, 10,000 pallet emplacements
  4. 2013 opening of a new production centre in Châtel-Saint-Denis in Switzerland – 10,000 square metres, 6,000 pallet emplacements
  5. 2016 foundation of MS Swiss Cosmetics


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Czech Republic

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